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A cool new guide is currently being written for those who want to contribute to the development of Bastion Bot.

Hold tight, this guide will make it easy to contribute to development, even for a newbie (like the robo cats in your home).

This guide is currently a work-in-progress and will soon be available. So stay tuned.

Welcome to The Bastion Bot Developer Documentation Site.

Here you’ll find documentation on how to create commands for Bastion and contribute to the project.

All of our documentation is on GitHub and we would ❤️ corrections and improvements!

Click on Next at the bottom right corner to head over to the documentation to dive into creating your own custom juice.

Come hang out in our official Discord server if you wanna chat with other devs, or users and see what’s being cranked out.

We look forward to seeing you contributing to The Bastion Bot Project and improving it!